Apartment n.5 – Mezzanine Over The Garden

This apartment faces West and all the rooms have a close-up view of the garden.
It has one bedroom, with queen size bed, bathroom, living-room and kitchen. It also has an alcove, elevated from the floor, with twin beds for two extra guests.
Guests who do not want to climb stairs are particularly fond of it.
It is almost entirely decorated with antique fabrics from the family collection.

The Bedroom

The bed is extra long: comfortable for tall guests. A thick carpet protects the very old Venetian terrazzo and makes the room cozy.

The Living-Room

The living-room is a fairly good size with a comfortable sofa and a dining area.

The Alcove

The alcove is behind the dinner table. It is decorated with a very large XVIIth century tapestry, behind the beds, and the curtains are made of a special material which allows the air to pass but is not transparent from the outside, thus allowing a little privacy to the users.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is well equipped and large enough to allow guests to use it for dining.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a large English tub and overhead shower and an antique washstand fitted with a modern basin.

The view

The garden with its medieval well

Floor plan of apartment N.5

“Mezzanine over the garden”

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