Apartment n.2 – Top Floor over the garden

The afternoon light floods this apartment because it faces due West and is higher than most of the houses around it. All the windows look out over the garden and the rooftops of Venice. It is very quiet at all times, and the rough beams combined with the Venetian terrazzo floor make it particularly agreeable. It has one bedroom, with queen size bed, bathroom, sitting-room, and large kitchen with a dining-area. The furniture is mostly XVIIIth and XIXth century.

The Bedroom

A rare XVIIIth century tapestry decorates the wall behind the bed.

The Kitchen

This is the original kitchen of the whole house, therefore it is large, with a dining area on one side, full of light, and still has the stone sink that was put in when the house acquired its present structure in the XVIth century.

The Sitting-room

A graceful, XIXth century bed-sofa can accommodate an extra guest.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is equipped with tub and overhead shower. The window offers a nice view over chimneys and rooftops.

The View

The view of the Venetian rooftops.

The electric hoist

This hoist has been designed expressly for Palazzetto da Schio: it is efficient and easily movable from one apartment to the other. Guests who like being on the top floor, but don’t cherish the idea of carrying their luggage up the stairs, will be pleased with it.

Floor plan of apartment N.2

“Top Floor over the garden”

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